6 Types of Video Stories to Ignite Your Marketing Mission

If your marketing messages are not resonating with your intended audience, ask yourself if you are doing enough to share authentically about the stories of the people behind your brand.

Today more than ever, your supporters will reserve their loyalty for the organizations whose personalities and values most align with their own.

Let video storytelling be the secret weapon in your toolkit to market more meaningfully online. 

Consider the following 6 types of video stories, and then schedule a discovery call with us below to explore how Betterme Productions can help you to implement video storytelling in your marketing strategy.

#1. The Capstone Story

The Capstone Story is your organization’s origin story: why you were founded, what problems or concerns have motivated you, and what you are doing to make the world better for people. This is a timeless piece of content that gets to the heart of who you are, as shown by yourself, your team, and/or your customers or non-profit beneficiaries. This is a broad look at your story, rather than a deep dive into a specific area of your work.

#2. The Customer (or Beneficiary) Story

The Customer Story relies mainly on testimonials from the people you serve. If you are a business, these are your customers; if you are a non-profit, these are the beneficiaries of your work. Customer stories lend credibility to your business by elucidating your strengths from the perspective of others, rather than simply tooting your own horn. These types of testimonials are typically most effective as messages to people who are interested in what you do but need more convincing before taking action.

#3. The Product (or Program) Story

The Product Story focuses on a specific product, service, or initiative of your organization. For a business, this could be an item for which you are raising crowdfunding, or a showcase of your mobile or desktop app. For a non-profit, this is a story that focuses on a program or area of your work.

#4. The Event Recap

The Event Recap captures the excitement, or the value, of an event that your organization has hosted. This serves as a way to thank your guests after the event date and/or to promote the event for the following year. 

#5. The Funny Story

The Funny Story is a video that captures people’s attention with a sense of humor. Consider the following commercial we produced for UF Mover Guys:

#6. The Direct Marketing Message

The Direct Marketing Message is an update or a pitch spoken directly to the camera. This is normally a simple video reliant on a script, which can be read through a teleprompter if not memorized. These direct marketing messages can be batch produced to create a message for people throughout different stages of your marketing funnel.

Betterme Productions is your creative partner that will work with you to produce video storytelling messages that resonate with your prospects, members, and customers. Request a call using the form below to brainstorm about the many possibilities for your next project.

Betterme Productions Provides Superior Video Storytelling at Speed

The people, the personalities, the passion. Your audience is hungry to hear the real human stories behind your brand.

Video enables you to share who you really are, and to tell true stories about yourself as a leader, about the team you work with, and about the customers you help every day.

To a business or nonprofit leader on a quest to do meaningful work, video storytelling is the ultimate weapon to wield. 

At Betterme Productions, we provide superior Gainesville video production and storytelling services at speed, so that you can make an impression on your market and fast.

Since 2014, we’ve worked with organizations like the Florida Museum of Natural History, SharpSpring, the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, Frankel Media Group, and many others in Gainesville to produce cinematic video stories that reveal the personalities behind the brand and inspire people to act.

We can’t wait to help you achieve your marketing mission using video. Fill out the form on this page to schedule your free discovery call with Betterme Productions today.

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