How PHOS Creative Uses SharpSpring to Deliver High-Powered Marketing Automation to Its Clients


Our goal in this project was to help our client SharpSpring create a compelling Customer Success Story that showcased the significant impact the SharpSpring platform had on their customer, PHOS Creative. This was one of four customer testimonials that we produced for SharpSpring as part of a series.

In particular, with this video, SharpSpring wanted to showcase the customer’s smooth transition from HubSpot, to appeal to other people who might be comparing the two products.

Our ultimate goal with this video series was to empower SharpSpring’s marketing and sales teams with a high-quality content asset that could be used across various marketing channels to drive engagement and conversions for SharpSpring.


We crafted a narrative that clearly articulated the challenges PHOS Creative faced with their previous tool, HubSpot, and how SharpSpring provided a superior solution.

The video underscored the value of SharpSpring’s marketing automation in achieving PHOS Creative’s growth objectives. The CEO’s positive feedback and genuine endorsement of SharpSpring provided powerful social proof, enhancing the credibility and attractiveness of SharpSpring’s offerings.

Our client reported an increase in conversion rates when utilizing the videos in their sales process. The videos helped sales representatives address specific customer concerns with targeted, relatable content, thereby facilitating better-informed purchasing decisions.

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