Santa Fe College TRIO Program Empowers First-Generation College Students


Our project with Santa Fe College’s TRIO program had a clear mission: to showcase the invaluable support TRIO Student Support Services offers to students who are either low-income, first-generation college attendees, or military veterans.

Our first objective was to raise awareness among eligible students about the TRIO program and its potential to impact their academic journey.

Additionally, the client sought to encourage sustained engagement with the program, addressing the challenge of student retention beyond the first year.

To achieve these goals, we planned a series of five videos, each tailored to speak directly to students at various stages of their TRIO experience, from recruitment to ongoing commitment.


The first piece of the campaign was a 1-minute recruiting video designed to quickly capture the attention of students unfamiliar with TRIO, highlighting what TRIO means to students.

Following this, we developed three videos focusing on student success stories within TRIO’s specialized tracks: the Classic Program, STEM3S (for students in STEM fields), and SERVE (dedicated to veterans).

These narratives provided real-life testimonials of how TRIO makes a difference, offering inspiration and a sense of community to prospective and current students.

The final piece of our video series featured motivational remarks from students who have benefitted from the program, aimed at encouraging new participants to remain enrolled at Santa Fe College past the critical first year.

Through authentic storytelling and showcasing real student experiences, our video series not only informed students about the TRIO program but also played a crucial role in increasing applications and reducing dropout rates.

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