Why Gainesville Restaurant Delivery Service 352 Delivery Uses DeliverLogic to Run Their Business


Our objective was to create a compelling Customer Success Story video for DeliverLogic, focusing on the transformative impact their software had on 352 Delivery.

By highlighting the journey and results experienced by 352 Delivery, we aimed to demonstrate the necessity and value of DeliverLogic’s software for third-party delivery services.

Our goal was to inspire potential customers of DeliverLogic by sharing a relatable and genuine success story, thereby facilitating their decision-making process.


The narrative clearly outlined the challenges 352 Delivery faced with their previous software, including the lack of marketing features and the inability to scale with their growth. The video showcased how DeliverLogic addressed these issues, providing a robust and scalable solution.

The testimonials also reassured potential customers about the practicality and ease of switching software platforms.

Authentic comments from 352 Delivery’s team members provided powerful social proof, reinforcing the credibility and reliability of DeliverLogic’s software and support.

The success story reinforced DeliverLogic’s position as a leading software provider for third-party delivery services. By showcasing a real success story, we helped DeliverLogic build trust and credibility with potential customers, positioning them as a reliable partner in the industry.

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