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We're obsessed with our clients' success! So much so that if you're not totally confident with your Storyboard & Project Plan, we'll refund 100% of your initial deposit.
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Trusted by Top Nonprofits & Mission-Driven Businesses in Jacksonville

I know when I partner with Betterme Productions, the end product is going to be what I want. They’re coming to the table with their ideas, with their creativity, and helping me craft the story that I want to tell. I bring to the table my understanding of my product, my service, and my customer, and together we end up with a really quality finished product.

Valerie Riley


What's the best way to tell your brand story? Find out with an itemized quote:

You’ll tell us more about your project on the next page.

The Betterme Promise:

Your mission is the most important thing,
and we're here to support it every step of the way.

High Quality
Delivered Quickly

Your deadlines are our deadlines. That’s why we work hard to get you:

Your Quote in 24 Hours

Your Storyboard & Production Plan in 7 Days

Your Rough Cut (the Initial Edit) Within 7 Days of Filming

Your Final Video in 30 days or Less (in Most Cases)

Unlimited Revisions
Up to the Final Cut

Our storyboarding process ensures that we’re crystal clear on the concept and specifics of your video before production.

Nevertheless, we’ll provide unlimited opportunities for you to share feedback on the edit until it’s a video you’ll love to show anyone. No extra charge for extra edits.

Winning Hearts is
What We Do Best

We work closely with you to turn your vision into a video that moves people

We’ll uncover the most inspirational and authentic way to share your story, whether through interview testimonials, a scripted voiceover, or beautiful graphics and typography.

We promise you’ll love the Storyboard & Production Plan we deliver, or we’ll give you your money back.

Our No-Risk, Stellar-Storyboard Guarantee!

We’ll start the process by creating a Storyboard & Production Plan so you’re confident we’re on the same page before moving forward.

Not totally delighted with your Storyboard & Production Plan? We'll refund 100% of your initial deposit.

Oh, and you can keep the full rights to the storyboard.

We Help Mission-Driven Businesses
& Non-Profits to Fulfill Their Purpose.

Non-Profit Program Story: Scientist in Every Florida School
Narrative Television Spot for Alachua County Recycling
Fundraising Event Video for Sarasota Performing Arts Center
Event Recap Video at Cade Museum
Customer Story for Avera & Smith
Customer Testimonial for DeliverLogic

Betterme’s pricing is beyond fair, considering the revisions and special requests we asked for, and the time they put in.

Chris will work with you ‘til you’re happy. We’ve been very, very pleased with Betterme Productions’ work, and would hire them again, no question.

Dorothy Zimmerman

Bob Graham Center, University of Florida

How soon can you reach your video marketing goals? Find out with an itemized quote:

You’ll tell us more about your project on the next page.

Let's Turn Your Mission Statement Into a Captivating Story.

Your Vision is Just the Beginning.

We work with visionary Jacksonville brands to create high-impact stories.

You know what you want to say. But how do you get your audience emotionally invested?

Captivating videos are our specialty. Just tell us your marketing goals. We’ll do everything from start to finish to create an inspiring, evergreen video that stands the test of time.

And we’ll keep incorporating your feedback (you get unlimited revisions) until you’re thrilled with the final cut.

Even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for in a video, Betterme Productions guides you through your organization's goals and story, to develop a captivating storyline that inspires your target audience.
FPO Rebecca Burton
Rebecca Burton
Thompson Earth Systems Institute, University of Florida
Communications Manager

Where Betterme Productions sets themselves apart is how connected they get to the projects. They come up with great questions, interview multiple people and get to know the subjects.

This shows in the final product because they understand what you are doing and why they are filming.

Joe Murgio

Authentic. Heartfelt. Effective.

Tell your story the way it deserves to be told.

The flashy video effects are nice. But what you really need is a message that speaks to the heart and moves people.

We help you cut through the noise and inspire people through passion, imagination, and empathy.

What's the best way to tell your brand story? Find out with an itemized quote.

You’ll tell us more about your project on the next page.

Creating a Video You Can Be Proud of Has Never Been Easier.

Confidence at Every Step.

Minimum effort. Maximum "wow."

You’ve got a million things to do, and babysitting a video team isn’t one of them.

Not to worry. This video is as much our baby as it is yours. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

And we’ll keep at it (unlimited revisions, no extra charge) until you get the video you want.

The BetterMe crew worked under exceedingly tight deadlines, delicate situations and COVID restrictions. Their creativity and technical skill are excellent. Often I’d give them just an idea, and his team would refine it and make it much better.

Chris will work with you till it’s right, so don’t feel like you can’t ask for a different approach or an adjustment.
Dorothy Zimmerman
Director Of Communications
Bob Graham Center
University of Florida
Chris and his team were fantastic in guiding us through the process of creating what turned out to be a very long video. The entire team provided exceptional service, everything was done on time and of the highest quality.
Jennifer Denault
Scorpio Corporation
Marketing Director

Fast Delivery. No Compromises.

No thumb-twiddling. No "settling".

Being on a deadline shouldn’t mean having to settle for mediocre content.

In most cases, we storyboard, film, edit, and finalize your entire video in under 30 days. Receive your first draft (initial edit) within 7 days of filming.

We’ll work with you to set ambitious deadlines that achieve your marketing goals.

Need a video fast? Get your no-obligation quote in 1 business day.

You’ll tell us more about your project on the next page.

Drive Real-World Results, Create Lasting Change.

We knew nothing about video making and were worried about our lack of artistic experience. We didn't need to worry!

From scriptwriting, to recruiting fabulous actors, to filming, to editing, to music selection -- Betterme Productions delivered at every step in the process. We gave our feedback along the way and they were quick to adjust the video and provide their expert opinion.
Valrie Minson
George S. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Assistant Dean

Get the Right Specialists for the Job.

Not sure where to find a film crew or talent?

You want the video to fit your brand perfectly. But you don’t have time to micromanage several teams.

We have relationships throughout Jacksonville and north Florida with industry-leading specialists in cinematography, sound design, hair and makeup, graphic and type design, and more. So you can be confident you’ll get the high production value your brand needs.

Videos You'd Be Proud to Show Anyone.

Get Noticed and Stay Remembered.

Want recognition for doing the work that matters – growing support for the brand and mission?

We help you drive real results people will appreciate for years to come. And we help you create stories that are timeless – like the legacy you’d be leaving behind.

Betterme produced a video of my career in the NFL, which provided everything that I could ever have envisioned.
I was particularly impressed with their foresight in putting together a unique format in telling my story and patience in the many edits to make the video depict what we both sought in the final product. Their professionalism, knowledge, expertise, and skills are second to none.
Mike Bass
Washington Commanders
Retired NFL Football Player

Ready to create an inspirational video about your mission & vision? Request your free custom quote:

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Join Jacksonville Brands Who Are Changing the World, One Video-View at a Time

Jonathan Leslie
Jonathan Leslie
Project YouthBuild
Read More
I highly recommend them to anyone out there wanting to share the story behind the mission you pursue every day.
Valerie Riley
Valerie Riley
Read More
We were able to get a library of videos produced in just a few months. It's improved our efforts at all phases of our marketing funnel.
Dale Johnson
Dale Johnson
Florida Museum of Natural History
Read More
Once again, you and your team exceeded our expectations, and produced an inspirational video!

How it Works

We're with you every step of the way.
  1. Free Consultation: Meet your dedicated video producer and brainstorm your story together
  2. Your Goals: Tell us about what you want to achieve with the video 
  3. Your Plan: We’ll meet with you to brainstorm, scout locations, and develop a comprehensive Storyboard and Production Plan
  4. The Guarantee: Not totally thrilled with the Storyboard? If for any reason we haven’t earned your absolute confidence in the Storyboard & Production Plan, we’ll refund 100% of your initial deposit. That’s a promise.
  5. Team & Talent: Love your plan? Then we’ll recruit the subjects, mobilize the equipment, and assemble the team for the project.
  6. Filming: Our Film Crew brings high-end cameras, cinematic lighting, sound, and advanced motion and stabilization equipment to capture your content creatively and professionally, whether at your Jacksonville location or anywhere out of town. 
  7. B-Roll & Aerial Drone Footage:  We’ll also get lots of b-roll footage, and dramatic aerial footage for that extra “Wow Factor” 
  8. Post-Production: We’ll then craft your edited story, including original footage, an inspiring soundtrack, and creative text titles. We can usually deliver a first draft (initial edit) within 7 days. 
  9. Unlimited Revisions: We’ll deliver as many revisions as you need to make sure you’re getting a video you’ll love to show anyone.
  10. Your Video in 30 Days: In most cases, we storyboard, film, edit, and finalize your entire video production in under 30 days*

* Actual delivery depends on the complexity of the project, and other variables such as location availability, weather, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to achieve your deadlines.

Our Team is Ready to Dazzle & Delight You!




CEO & Producer


lead editor





Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We help mission-driven businesses and non-profits to create heartfelt, inspirational videos from start to finish. 

That means we can help you with:

  • Planning and Pre-Production 
    • Brainstorming about the best opportunities to tell your brand or product story 
    • Determining who to interview for your testimonial video, and what questions to ask them 
    • Planning an inspirational story arc for the edit
    • Writing a script (if necessary)
    • Scouting locations
  • Talent and Equipment 
    • Bringing the right specialists to film your content, from our network of Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Sound Recordists, Hair & Makeup Artists, Production Assistants, and more
    • Hiring actors to perform in your narrative commercial
    • Bringing all the equipment you need on set (including cinema cameras, multi-point lighting, a variety of lenses, aerial drone, and more)
  • Post-Production
    • We work with our team of editors, graphic designers, colorists, audio engineers to create a visually outstanding final result
    • Hiring voice talent to deliver a profound reading of your script
    • Selecting an inspirational music track and sound design

Every project is different. We’ll work with you to develop a package that best suits your needs and budget.

What kind of videos do you produce?

No matter what type of video, we help you uncover the meaning behind the work that you do and share it in an inspirational way. 

We’ve received the most love for the following types of videos:

  • Fundraising Event Videos
  • Customer Testimonials 
  • Brand Story or Capstone Video
  • Creative Television Spots
  • Non-Profit Program Videos
How long does it take to make a video from start to finish?

Typically 30 days or less, depending on the complexity of the project.  

Tell us about your goals and we’ll send a fully itemized quote within 1 business day. We can usually give you a first cut in 7 days of filming. 

We pride ourselves on fast delivery. So if you need your video sooner, just ask for express service.

How much does a typical video cost?

Typically, a half-day of interviews, plus cinematic footage, and post-production of one edited video costs $3,500. 

This can go up to $25,000 for a more complex project with a custom script, a more specialized crew, actors, and multiple filming locations across multiple days.

It all depends on your needs and budget. Once we understand your goals we’ll send you a fully itemized quote (within 1 business day).  We’re happy to customize your quote until we’re aligned with your specific goals.

Can you work in my city?

We’re based in Gainesville, Florida and we regularly work in all nearby cities including: 

  • Gainesville 
  • Jacksonville
  • Ocala
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Tallahassee 
  • Saint Augustine 

Having said that, we’re committed to creating videos that help you hit your goals. So if your work takes you out of state we’re happy to tag along. You can count on us to go the distance.

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