Twitter Exodus: What’s the Next Best Social Network for Scientists?

Scientists Leaving Twitter

The recent exodus of scientists from Twitter (err … X) following Elon Musk’s acquisition has left a palpable void in the digital landscape of science communication. Twitter, once a bustling hub for researchers to share insights, debate, and engage with the public, is now a shadow of its former self for the scientific community. The […]

In an Era of Clickbait & Conspiracy Theories, How Can Scientists Reclaim the Narrative?

Imagine it’s a typical morning. You’re sipping your coffee and scrolling through the news when a headline from ‘The Daily Mail’ stops you cold: “Killing Season.” The story claims an 8% hike in hospital deaths is tied to newbie doctors. Sounds terrifying, right? Here’s the catch: the dramatic phrase twists a 2009 study’s findings into […]

6 Key Strategies for Engaging Future Scientists in the Classroom with Video

Illustration of middle school science teacher with his classroom

In our rapidly changing world, the quest to captivate young minds and nurture the next generation of scientists has never been more critical. Researchers and educators stand on the frontline of this mission, armed with an ever-expanding arsenal of tools designed to ignite curiosity and inspire discovery. Among these, video emerges as a particularly powerful […]