I met Blu Fogarty in 2010. He told me about his dream to create a traveling rock operetta with a social mission.

He and I were both Stage Management students at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Over the next few years, I saw him develop his skills in stagecraft, directing, costuming, makeup and design, all with the purpose of developing his rock operetta, The Bacchanal Carnival.

Blu’s energy and passion for his goal is infectious.

He cares deeply about making people’s lives better through art.

Earlier this year, he reached out to me to produce a video about The Bacchanal Carnival for the nonprofit organization he has started: C.O.R.E. — Community Outreach Relief Effort.

Blu’s message of “When you have, it’s time to give,” resonates with me.

Our first shoot was at Dignity Village, a tent village created by the Gainesville homeless community outside of GRACE Marketplace.

Blu inspired us to set down our cameras and help clean a site, an opportunity to give back.

I look forward to seeing the good that C.O.R.E. and Blu are able to accomplish with The Bacchanal Carnival.


Blu is a man with a a vision, and he will not stop until it is manifested.

That manifestation is the Bacchinal Carnival – a rock opperetta that will combine his passion for helping others with his love for the performing arts.

Being a working part of Blu’s dream has been incredible.

Delivering the final video and helping him get one step closer to his goals has been inspiring.

He now has a way to share his message in just over 3 minutes with anyone in the world.

This week Blu will embark to Jacksonville’s One Spark, the world’s largest in-person crowdfunding festival. Chris and I will tune in on his booth and cover the experience of One Spark with our cameras.

I can’t wait to see what happens next and who we will support next in the mission!


Blu’s project was the first opportunity for us to work together on client work.

We made a video that shares the essence of Blu Fogarty as he shares about having once been homeless, his “philanthropic entertainment,” and the dream to create a traveling rock operetta, The Bachannal Carnival.

First, we held a storytelling session. Brandon and I went to Blu’s house and Skyped Sami in from out of town. We talked for 2 hours about Blu’s life story and what he wanted to share.

What struck me most was how much it seemed to help the client to have this experience of introspection, answering questions about not only what you do, but why you do it.

When you make a video, you are not only showcasing the best parts of yourself, you are creating a standard to inspire your better self. Whatever you want to portray about yourself or your organization, video puts your highest values and aspirations on a pedestal and inspires you to work towards them.

The experience of filming our first project was not without its tensions. But the hard work of doing the project and communicating along the way has made us all a better version of ourselves. And there is nothing more rewarding than looking at the sum of this last month’s work and feeling liked we really helped capture the nature of a local person who is doing a great thing.

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