At ANY point, you have the power to DECIDE to change your life. And yet there’s no doubt that the New Year inspires a sense that we are granted a clean slate. With another revolution of the sun, we feel a renewed sense of hope and motivation to improve our lives.

Recently we had a chance to interview a handful of inspiring artists and entrepreneurs in Gainesville, FL, and we asked them the question: “How will you better yourself in 2017?”

Here are some of our favorite soundbites, and the full New Year’s Special (bettermeTV episode 8!) below.

Here are 6 Resolutions from Gainesville Humans to Inspire You in 2017:

1. Practice Mindfulness

From Payal Khurana of Starter Space:

2. Provide Mentorship to Others

From Duncan Kabinu of Gainesville Dev Academy:

3. Be More Prolific & Less Perfectionist

From Chris Cano of Betterme Productions:

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

From Ariana Aragon of GainesvilleScene:

5. Focus on Growth & Avoid Stagnation

From Marlee Taylor of Betterme Productions:

6. Believe in Opportunity

From Sarah Jane of Re-View Business Strategies:

Enjoy the full video below, and happy new year from Betterme Productions!