The mission of Betterme Productions is to help people and organizations tell their stories through video. From the beginning, we wanted to create a platform for these stories and for the spreading of ideas through a web-series. We wanted to offer local organizations the opportunity to share their work and their story in a new way in Gainesville. We went through a number of different models for what that might look like, but in early June 2015, the culmination of months of planning came to fruition in BettermeTV.

BettermeTV is the name of Betterme Productions’ new web series that will tell the stories of Gainesville and beyond. In our pilot episode, we speak with Anna Sampson and Satchel Raye. Anna is the manager of We Are Neutral, a local nonprofit organization that provides carbon offsets to organizations like the University of Florida and Bonnaroo. Satchel is the local pizza icon and founder of Satchel’s Pizza. Check out the first episode:

There were so many interesting things our guests shared with us that we will also be posting extended interviews from the episode.

Anna Sampson:

Satchel Raye:

Stay tuned for episode 2, featuring our recap of Bonnaroo 2015!

Here’s a sneak peek: